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New 275ml Bottle

Fuel Doctor is the industry's most cost effective fuel and tank conditioner, with 25ml treating 100 litres of fuel at less than 1.5 cents per treated litre.

Unique in the automotive accessories market, SuperCheap were the recipients of Fuel Doctors' unique multi-application dispenser in 2002.

This easy to use dispenser measures the exact amount of concentrated product into the metering chamber to treat up to 100 litres of fuel.

At less than 1.5 cents per treated litre Fuel Doctor is the most cost effective fuel and tank conditioner on the additive shelf and treats eleven tanks!

Different manufacturers have up to five different fuel related products. Imagine working at the coal face and having to carry five different products to do the job that one product will do!

Fuel Doctor is formulated for all fuels. It cleans, lubricates and produces more power. One product does one job: keeps your fuel system clean and efficient at minimum cost, producing more power with improved fuel economy and component life.

Fuel Doctor is manufactured by a company that is a specialist in its field, using its product every day to derive their core income.