A heartfelt thank you!

Nicole, how can I possibly find the words, to thank you for the total success engendered by your likeable fuel technicians last night?


25ml of Fuel Doctor to the tank of my lawn mower

This is just a message to say thank you for your advice, and a great product.


Dieselcraft Evaluations Case Study

Dieselcraft Evaluations test fuel consumption before and after applying Fuel Doctor Diesel Conditioner


Ted Cavanagh (Sales Rep YHI Australia )

I work as a Sales Rep for a Wheel Company and cover an area Brisbane to Taree and Brisbane to Tamworth in the South and Moree in the West. I have noticed after purchasing a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero Petrol 3.8 litre in 2005 that I had varying fuel consumption figures depending on which Ampol or Caltex petrol station I filled up at, as I use a Caltex Fuel Card and am only allowed to use normal unleaded on my card. On the way down to Taree doing some city driving but mainly highway I got between 450 and 550 kilometers from a tank.