SEE HOW! Fuel Doctor measures up against other leading brands.



How does Fuel Doctor work?

Fuel Doctors formulated our proprietary blended tank and injector cleaner from necessity - initially specialising in the cleaning of underground fuel storage tanks for emergency power generation.

When presented with our first skid-mounted flat bottomed fuel tank, located directly under a generator, the tank posed numerous access problems. We had to resort to using off the shelf chemicals to flush and clean the tank. The abysmal results from this forced us to develop our chemical compund that could perform the required tasks in an industrial environment to an optimum standard.  


Is Fuel Doctor Economical?

Fuel Doctor is a concentrated, industrial-grade fuel conditioner. It is extremely economical and adds less than one cent per litre to the cost of  fuel. Based on recommended treatment rates, it is the most cost effective product in its class, with its true value being measured by the protection of your fuel system and engine.