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Quality Assurance Sampling

Fuel is refined and quality assured to the appropriate standard prior to delivery to the tank farm or distribution terminal. Upon delivery to the retail or commercial storage tank the quality assurance becomes the responsibility of the site manager or operator. 

Quality assurance is maintained by minimising naturally occurring contaminants that degrade the fuel and storage system.

Humidity, condensation and ground water ingress promote microbial growths that form sticky mats across tank bottoms. The excreta forms acidic compounds that compromise fuel and tank integrity. Quality assurance sampling detects these substances prior to tank or engine failure.

Contaminated Premium Unleaded Petrol

Microbial Impacted Premuim Unleaded Petrol
The introduction of low sulphur diesel combined with the reduction of aromatics has substantially reduced storage life. Emergency power generating clients have benefited from Fuel Doctors expertise in extending the life of stored fuel. This ensures there is emergency back up fuel which has sufficient calorific value to accept the load from the alternator and does not clog the fuel filters with microbial growth.

Blue Generator

Boat owners, by not assessing fuel and tank quality during their pre-purchase, are financialy penalised resulting in many thousands of dollars being wasted on premature pump and injector repairs.

Quality Assurance Sampling for Boats

Boats on sale for months or years will have minimal fuel in their tanks.

Empty tanks encourage condensation and microbial growth.