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Industry Consultants

Fuel Doctors initial industrial contract was issued in 1993 by Q-Build for remedial maintenance and preventative maintenance of emergency power generation fuel systems for Queensland State Government buildings. 2007 heralded 14 years of continuous service.

Brisbane City Council contracts commenced in 1994 when commissioned to maintain fuel quality and integrity issues at City Hall and the City Council Administration Centre. 2007 bought 13 years continuous service with Council.

Brisbane Airport
(Emergency Power for Tower) 
The Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) engagement commenced in 1995. The BAC called for fuel quality assurance, preventative maintenance, storage integrity testing and stored fuel rotation. 2007 was Fuel Doctors twelfth year of continuous service with BAC.

Television stations ABC, Channel Nine, Channel Ten and ABC radio plus the major banks, have also received 14 years continuous service.

Throughout this time in the CBD, Fuel Doctors have planned and executed numerous tank abandonments or their replacement. Considerable logistical challenges were encountered and addressed. Most notably, the removal and replacement of a 30,000 litre underground tank installed within the footings of the Brisbane Transit Centre. Within the industry, some believed it could not be done as the replacement tank was twin skinned and larger than the failed tank, however with millimetres to spare we achieved our client's goal of a new, same capacity tank.    

The Y2K pandemonium amongst clients also presented Fuel Doctors with logistical challenges which were met, but were ultimately unnecessary. It remains an unparalleled supply planning exercise.

With Y2K over, City legislators presented new and better regulated Flammable & Combustible Compliance requirements to Fuel Doctors’ clients, and a new chapter of service commenced.

Having evolved and worked intimately within a specialised area of the fuel industry, Fuel Doctors are often approached  by consulting engineers, marine, railway and aviation engineers to assist in those aspects of fuel storage or maintenance in unusual or inaccessible locations.