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Fuel Storage and Handling

The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids is a controlled activity. In Australia there are pieces of legislation which impose obligations upon those who are responsible for the operation of a site where fuel storage is present. In addition there are standards and council by-laws which impose additional obligations. Understanding what these obligations are or where to find them and then working out what applies can be a daunting task.

Fuel Doctors Australia has been assisting both commerce and industry with their legal obligations in this field for over seven years. The range of clients varies enormously from those in a small transport shed to some with thousands of tonnes on the go, to others who store 100,000 litres under a high rise building.

Regulators have field auditors who assess what has to be done and impose time limits by which non-compliant matters shall be rectified. Every day of the week, Fuel Doctors is at a site either modifying or replacing out-dated gear with state of the art safety equipment.

Modern life is more and more shaped by controls. In the fuel industry procedures and policies have been the mainstay for continued safe conduct. Over the last few years, and for a raft of different reasons, safety procedures and mechanical controls have been of increasing interest to our regulators. Everyone who has any responsibility for safety around fuels should have a simular level of interest.

We have expertise in matters relating to:

  • The safety of your operators
  • The health of your immediate community
  • The protection of our environment
  • The safety of your property and assets
  • The security of your site

If any doubt exists in your mind about your obligations at the place where you work we are here to help.